Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Searching for Space...

We all need a little personal space…a larger amount of space from certain people than others~ especially those who wear out their welcome or maybe those personalities that clash with your own. I consider myself an outgoing person in the general sense…not shy by any means. However, I like to spend my personal time and space with a select few…in limited doses, of course. I suppose that is where the statement, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” originated from. What they were essentially trying to say was, “Stay away awhile and then I will start liking you again.” There are several ways to handle the situation of the uninvited guest who makes you feel like you are starring in a ‘Groundhog Day’ movie with them. I wanted to scream just from watching the movie…imagine living it! Yes, my sanity is at the verge of a complete meltdown from the repeated scenery of the uninvited guest. It is time to strategize using a mind on the verge of rabid desperation. I have already attempted the, “I have plans and will be leaving soon” only to have uninvited guest invite themselves along. Although this tactic usually works, it is simply not sufficient under these extreme circumstances. I must now resort to moving or installing a gated security fence with cameras along the property boundaries. As you can see, I am way past the locking all doors and closing all blinds scenario. After all, this is an extreme situation. If I could only have my mind returned to a sane state, I could try the rational way of a diplomatic conversation. However, I am already having the gated security fence installed while I am away on vacation.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Authentic Life

It’s been hard emotionally these past few days. I try to keep these thoughts in a distance as my focus needs to stay centered on simply living life. Yet, they are always in existence…an imprint that will forever mark my soul. These memories and longings always manage to push their way to the surface and when that bolted door finally splinters open, all those tears come flowing in a steady rushing river.
It was not my intention to launch my first posted blog in this manner. No matter…as life seldom plays itself out as we intend it to. We hold these self-made grand illusions to fool ourselves into thinking we know how life will be played out. Yet life never seems to follow the same script we hold in our own minds. Then there always comes a time and place when we reach the end of a script. We don’t exactly make grandiose plans about that part, do we? I am by no means saying that we should primarily focus our thoughts toward our end script. Just be a little mindful of it so that you live life to its fullest capacity.
Live authentically.
My youngest brother has always been a true testament to this statement…his laughs, smiles, friendship, compassion, dynamic personality and great sense of humor echo through time immortal. He lived his life by always doing what he loved and celebrating life with his loved ones. His light still shines here and I celebrate his uniqueness and all that he brought into this world.
Happy birthday little bro on your special day ~July 11~
I love you and miss you.